Modern Farming

I remember I c20161027_105123ame home from school one day last fall and dad told me that he bought a combine. I was so excited because my dad has always ran the grain cart and my uncle runs the combine so I thought I would be able to spend more time in the combine now. Little did I know that the combine he bought was not what I had in mind. It was an old combine, from 1966 to be exact, like the one my grandparents used to use and my dad said that it cost him less than a pair of my shoes. I thought about that and it was crazy to think that today’s combines are almost a half million dollars. This shows just a little bit of how the farming industry has changed. The combines now are also more high-tech, BIGGER, and better. Farming is changing, just like everything else in this world. There is now automatic steering for tractors and combines, you can run pivots from your phone, and so much more. Drones are becoming more and more popular. They are very convenient because you can check fields and record data from them or check on feedlots all from the comfort of your office. The agricultural industry has changed just like everything else in this world has. Modern farming has also saved a lot more time than what it used to be. Since everything is bigger now like tractors, planters, combines, grain carts, feed wagons, and so much more, there is less time that is involved in getting things done. Yes the labor that it takes is still hard because farming is work, but I think back on the stories I’m told and I am amazed at how far this industry has come.file-storage-emulated-0-dcim-camera-20151006_172320


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