Agricultural Issues

I think that the current agriculture issue are the markets. The markets were expected to drop in 2017 but that drop came early and way bigger than expected. Many feedlots have gone broke and have had to shut down because they lost so much money. The only saving grace this past year have been the bean markets. Since we are considered a “feedlot”, this market slide hit us too. We’ve have had to cut back on a lot just like many other farmers have had to do. One of the latest loads that have gone out from our place, my dad finally made some money on after 16-18 months. With the markets so bad, it has impacted not only us but so many different places. Pretty much all feedlots have had to adjust and cut expenses to try and survive. The only good thing is that it will eventually rise but no one knows when. Until then, many are still adjusting and just have to keep cutting back until they start making money off of not just cattle, but commodities also. 


Here is a picture of our place from up above! 



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