Each family farm has a rich history that carries on throughout generations. My family farm’s history is very important because it has made what our operation is today. I am the 6th generation of the Borgs and our farm is 134 years old. When it comes to farming, you can’t just wake up each day and go through the motions of what needs to be done. My parents have taught me that you get out what you put in and that applies to the farm too. This is where the passion and the love for agriculture comes in. Farming is very tough and takes a lot of hard work and if we didn’t have the passion for what we do, we would’ve gave up a long time ago. There are still moments when quitting may cross our mind but it is never an option. Sometimes things don’t go our way, markets are low, or times get tough but the love we have for this industry is what gets us through the lows. Growing up on the farm and having both of my parents stay at home, I learned a lot from just being around them. I remember I learned how to write my name in the grain cart with my dad during harvest or traveling with my mom and being in a professional environment but most of all, I remember that family comes first and then the farm. There are four brothers and ten grandchildren.

We are all very close not img_3238only in love but also in proximity. All of us cousins attend the same school and most people get confused with who belongs to who which makes it fun for us to quiz people. Each brother has their own farm and then there is the main place which is gran
dma’s house. Growing up, our family went through a rough patch when we had six deaths all within a 5 year period. It was very hard for us all and I believe that the reason why we are so close today is because is that rough patch where we learned to lean on each other and get through the rough times as a family.

We feed cattle on our farm and that meant that we didn’t get to do all the “normal” stuff growing up kids my age would do. We often didn’t go on family vacations because there is too much responsibility at home or no one to do chores twice daily. I didn’t participate in sports when I was young because games were on Sundays and my parents always said Sunday’s are for church, not sports. I didn’t go to the pool every day in the summer because that meant another trip to town and there was work to be done. Us cousins created our own normal and we were all just fine with that. We learned how to have our own fun on the farm at grandma’s from creating a slide from old tarp from silage or using the inner tube from a tire as a “trampoline” or playing “house” in the old chicken coop, we always found a way to have lots of fun and excitement. Each day brought a new adventure, especially during the summer days. One thing that we could always count on is dinner is always served at noon on the dot at grandma’s and then break time at 4 with Coke and cookies.  


Being a farm girl is very important to me because it has made me into the person I am today. I am beyond grateful for going through the struggles of being a farm kid, making decisions that I wouldn’t’ have had to make if I wasn’t on the farm, learning how to persevere when times get tough, the responsibility that the farm life has taught me, learning what hard work really means, and being really passionate about something in my life and being good at it.


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